Information Technology Services (ITS)

Information Technology (IT) is integral to the student experience at Durham College and is an essential aspect of academic and personal success. The IT skills and experience our students develop are broadly used during their academic studies and, more importantly, in furthering their personal, professional and career success.

The ITS fee that each student pays is used to help fund and support the following IT products and services:

Campus Computers

  • More than 1500 computers in classrooms and labs available to all students
  • More than 40 software titles on these computers including Microsoft, Adobe, AutoCAD and many others
  • Library Computers
    • More than 130 computers for public use during library operating hours
    • More than 50 additional computers located in instructional classrooms
    • Kiosk computers are available on the first floor of the library for guest access
  • Oshawa Learning Commons and Whitby Commons with over 200 computers
  • Wireless access and internet connections

IT Service Desk

  • Provides certified technicians and experienced IT professionals who are capable of dealing with most IT issues or queries
  • Provides direct access to additional college staff who can provide expertise on IT applications, systems and products used to support students and faculty

IT Service Desk Portal

  • View more than 30 fact sheets to answer many of the common computer issues students encounter
  • Create a self-service ticket for quicker access to the assistance of a technician

Learning Commons

  • A 75,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility that provides comfort and convenience
  • More than 200 workstations, wired laptop connections and designated wireless areas for laptops
  • Additional amenities include access to CD burners and all-in-one tablets

Media services

  • Available to all students in classrooms and other learning spaces for collaborative and individual work
  • No-charge equipment rentals include TV/DVD/VHS units, presenter/computers/DVD/VHS/Amp units, slide projectors, portable audio players, audio recorders, computer microphones, digital cameras, digital video recorders and flip charts
  • In-person and online technical support available for above resources upon request

Location: Room A165

Microsoft onedrive

IT Services is pleased to provide access to Microsoft OneDrive for all Durham College (DC) students. This is a secure cloud-based information storage option that will provide students the ability to save files to the cloud and access them from almost any device on- or off-campus, as long as they have an internet connection. Microsoft OneDrive can also allow files and folders to be shared with other individuals or groups of individuals.

Each student will be provided at least one TB of storage and continue to have access to their personal network space, the H: drive.

To access the OneDrive, students can visit the Office 365 portal, download the application for their mobile iOS or Android device or install the desktop application.

Please view the FAQ for additional information.

If you have any questions, please email the IT Service Desk or call ext. 3333.

Network services

The campus network allows students to access the applications and resources needed for learning and is available on and off of campus. The network includes:

  • A high-speed on-campus network
  • A high-capacity Internet services
  • A student residence network
  • Wireless and wired network access (with co-located electrical connections)
  • Consistent access to high-quality technology, resources and services in and outside the classroom
  • The ability for students to communicate easily and frequently with one another and their professors

Online applications

  • DC Connect (learning management system)
  • MyCampus  Student Portal
    • Web registration
    • Class schedules
    • Grades and records
    • Official tax documents
    • Information and important dates from service areas such as Student Services, the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid and Awards
  • Specialized academic applications
  • In-class automated response applications

Printing services

  • Available to students while on campus
  • Each computer, college- or student-owned, can connect to a desired printer through the college computer network
  • Printers are available in almost all classrooms, public spaces and collaborative work spaces including the Learning Commons, Campus Library and computer labs
  • Student printers are “pay per use”.  Print packages can be purchased at the DC Bookstore.  All students start with a $0 print credit. The only exception is that we will allow students to carry over any credit they previously purchased themselves.
  • Additional printing packages can be purchased at the Campus Bookstore

Contact information

ITS Service Desk
Learning Commons, Gordon Willey building, Room SW100
T: 905.721.3333 or 905.721.2000 ext. 3333