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Our fall semester is now under way, and DC is committed to providing students with a high-quality academic experience. For a full list of what is open on campus
or operating virtually, please visit our 
COVID-19 fall semester page.
Latest update: Winter Semester 2021
Learn more about courses and services being offered remotely. Report if you are unwell

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Get Prepared

Get prepared

Be ready for your first day of classes by insuring that you have completed all of the administrative tasks required of you prior to starting college.

Student meets with a DC financial advisor.

Pay the bills



Click here to determine your fees and here for important dates including payment due dates.

Durham College (DC) offers multiple payment options for full-time post-secondary students.
In order to secure your seat in your program, you are required to pay a $500 non-refundable tuition deposit within two business days of confirming your offer of admission.  Please note that your deposit will be applied to the total fees owing for the academic year.

For the balance of fees owing, you have a choice of two payment options:

  • Payment Plan A: Pay total fees (less non-refundable tuition deposit) for the entire academic year by the payment due date.
  • Payment Plan B: Pay fees for each academic semester (less non-refundable tuition deposit) by the payment due dates.

We encourage you to pay the balance of your fees by the due date(s) indicated on your fee statement in order to avoid late payment charges.


You are required to pay full semester fees prior to registration.

You have two payment options:

  • Payment Plan A: Pay total fees for the entire academic year by the due date.
  • Payment Plan B: Pay fees for each academic semester.


  • Students receiving funding from OSAP are required to pay the $500 non-refundable tuition deposit as indicated on your fee statement.
  • OSAP recipients who meet the following conditions may be eligible to defer the balance of their first semester fees:
    • Confirmation that a tuition deposit of $500 has been received by Durham College (DC) on or before the due date indicated on your fee statement.
    • You have indicated on your OSAP application that your funds will be released to DC.


If you are receiving funding from an external agency (i.e. WSIB, Second Career, Third-Party Sponsors), you are required to pay the $500 non-refundable tuition deposit as indicated by the due date.

  • If you have written confirmation of funding, you are required to provide us with an authorization letter from your sponsor. Once we receive this letter and you register, your sponsor will receive an invoice to be paid.
  • It is important that we receive your tuition deposit and authorization letter prior to the due date to secure your seat in the program.


Online credit card or electronic banking

Please note: personal cheques are not accepted.

Online banking can also take up to five days for processing and payment must be received by the college by the due date to avoid any late fees. Please plan your payment accordingly.


You are required to make the full payment for your part-time course at the time of registration.


We encourage all students to consider applying for scholarships, bursaries or other awards, regardless of their eligibility for OSAP.

To learn more about what other funding is available, visit the DC Financial Aid and Awards section of the DC Student tab in MyCampus. Be sure to complete your Student Financial Profile, and check out the external award sites.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SES is operating remotely. Please email us at (Oshawa programs) or (Whitby programs), call 905.721.3000 or use the LiveChat option available on MyCampus between the hours of 8:30 a.m.  to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Campus Store

Here’s how to purchase your books.

Due to Covid-19 the Campus Store hours are limited, please visit the website for updated hours and to purchase books online. Please note that the bookstore will ship internationally.

Step one: Login to MyCampus.

Step two: Go to Helpful Links > Registration > Books for term.

You will be directed to “Courses you are currently enrolled in,” ensure these are your correct classes and select "here".

The books for each course will be listed underneath the course title.

Step three: Click on the "Shopping cart" icon located beneath each book description or book title to add the textbook to your basket.

Step four: Click "Continue Shopping" to return to your booklist and add more to your basket.

Step five: Click "Checkout."

Skip down to creating a new account and enter all required information. If you already have an account, simply log in using the information you entered at the time you created your account.

Step six: Click "Submit order."

Step seven: choose a "Shipping profile."

  • Delivery inside Ontario ($10): books will be sent to your shipping address
  • Delivery outside Ontario ($15): books will be sent to your shipping address
  • International Delivery (cost depends on weight): books will be sent to your shipping address
  • In-store pick-up (no charge): books will be gathered and waiting for you to pick up at the bookstore.

Step eight: Click "Pay now."

Step nine: Enter your credit card information and then click "Submit."

The Campus Store does not offer price mating on-line. Please visit the website for more details.

Please note: it is recommended that you wait until you have attended the first day of each class before removing the wrapping from your textbooks. Course textbooks cannot be returned once they have been opened.

DC Students checkout books at the Library.

Commuting to Campus

Please visit our Transportation, parking and maps website for directions to our campuses and general information about getting around Durham College.


Due to Covid-19, all of the Parking gates are up, and parking is free for the Fall semester (until Thursday, December 31). Updates will be shared as required, or you can check the following site for updates:


The Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) is being suspended for the fall semester.

All questions and comments can be directed to

Durham College Students Inc, the independent student association representing all DC students, has partnered with Durham Regional Transit to give away 1,000 Presto Cards to DC Students.

There is a limit of one per student. You have two options for delivery:

  1. You can either pick the card up at the DCSI tent at Oshawa campus on Tuesday, September from 8 to Friday, September 11, between 9:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., or,
  2. You can have your student card mailed to you.

To register to receive a pass visit

The bus loop at Durham College Oshawa campus.
Student receives ID card at DC.

Campus ID

At this time, ID cards will not be provided for the fall semester. Prior to attending campus, students should download the Durham College App and log in using their MyCampus identification and password. Students may be required to present their course schedule (using the app) to Security who are monitoring the entry points across campus.

The app can be found here:

Academic success


Your student advisor is available to discuss your program details with you leading up to your time at DC. If you are considering a reduced course load, your advisor will be able to help you create a new program map to meet your individual needs.


SALS ONLINE is available to help you prepare for your academic program. Register for one or more of the SALS ONLINE units on DC Connect at Access practice exercises, workshops, tip sheets and subject-specific videos for examples and explanations in math, science, accounting, and writing skills. Study smarter, not harder by learning about time management, note-taking and test writing skills. You will start learning from the first day of college, so check out the resources SALS offers for everything you need to get prepared for your classes.


The Access and Support Centre services are available to students virtually and over the phone. Locations at the Oshawa and Whitby campuses are taking new students, meeting existing students and dealing with issues/concerns for all students.

Services offered include: Counselling, Accessibility coaching, Peer coaching and Assistive Technology.

We kindly ask that you reach out to us at (905) 721-3123 or email us at

DC students study together at the Oshawa campus.
Student using study space at Durham College.

Rent a locker

Prep 1000


  1. Go to
  2. Log-in using your student ID number and your network password – if you having trouble logging in, please call IT Services at 905.721.3333 option 1 for assistance.
  3. Under the heading “My Courses”, select “NEW STUDENT PREP”.
  4. Once inside the course, select the “Content” heading in the top left toolbar.
Students studying outdoors at DC.