ASC Test and Mid-term Sign Up

ASC test and mid-term sign up

Students must sign up 7 days before all tests and mid-terms

Please follow all the steps below:

  1. Students are encouraged to sign up for tests/mid-terms/quizzes at the beginning of the term when they receive their course outlines.
  2. Test and mid-term sign up is to be completed online
  3. Complete the 6 sections of the Test Centre Request form entitled “Schedule a test, mid-term or quiz”.
  4. After you have completed the form please do the following:
    1. Check your DC Mail email inbox for a confirmation e-mail.
    2. Print off the confirmation of the booking e-mail for your records.
  5. Your faculty will receive an automatic confirmation of your booking.
  6. Students who miss the 7-day window to sign up will write their test in their class.

Note: You can download these instructions as a document with images (screen shots):