Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is an Office 365 video service that allows faculty and students to upload, view and share videos securely within our organization. All students, faculty and staff at Durham College have access to Microsoft Stream as part of the Microsoft 365 suite. Microsoft Stream requires the individual uploading the video, to manage who can view the video content.

Stream Resources

Microsoft Stream is a tool that can be used by both faculty and students to securely upload, view and share videos. Here are some resources to provide support with the use of Stream.

Accessing Stream:

  • Faculty & Staff: Go to and sign in with your bannerID, followed by (i.e. and your network password. Step-by-step instructions are available here. Then press "Stream" from your O365 dashboard.
  • Students: Login through, then press the waffle icon on the left side of their screen and select "Stream". To watch a video, students can click directly on the video link being shared with them through DC Connect or Teams (they will be required to login with their DC Mail credentials).

Things to Know Before Using Stream:

  • Viewing Permissions – people or groups must be added to videos to allow viewing permission. There is no "unlisted" option as with YouTube. Stream video links can only be viewed if an individual is signed into Office 365 with their Durham College credentials AND they have been granted viewing permission. Stream is a video hosting solution that provides secure viewing control, however, please be aware that this can also increase chances of your students running into issues when trying to access the videos.
  • Auto captions – the video language must be specified for the autogenerated captions to be enabled. See the "Captions" section below for more details.

How to Use Stream:

This Getting Started with Microsoft Stream page provides a general overview. For more detailed instructions, see the resources below.

Upload & Share:

For detailed text and video instructions about uploading and sharing video, visit this Microsoft Stream resource: Upload a Video.

For a quick reference, follow these upload instructions:

  • In Microsoft Stream, select Create > Upload a video (or select the upload icon)
  • Drag and drop video file, or browse to select
  • Enter Details
    • Add video name and description
    • Select Video Language (if not already set) This needs to be set to enable the autogenerated captions.
  • Click on the Permissions tab to expand. This is where you will select who can view your video.
    • By default, "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" will be deselected. Enable this if you would like the video available campus wide.
    • If your video is not shared campus wide, your video will only be viewable by people and groups that you’ve added to the Viewers list.

      Add a Group
      With My groups selected, click in the "Search for your groups" field and type part of a group name to see a list of your applicable groups; or select Create a group.

      NOTE: if you use Teams with your students, you will already have a group created with students who are part of the Team - try searching for the Team name.

      Or, add individual people
      From the "Share with" drop-down list, select People. In the "Search for People" field, enter names of individuals to be added to the viewers list for your video.

  • Click on the Options tab to expand.
    • If you have set your video language already, the "Autogenerate a caption file" will be selected by default
  • Click on Publish
  • Click on Share to get a direct video link or embed code that can be shared in DC Connect.

Record & Edit:

Screen Recording – Stream has a feature to capture screen recordings of 15 minutes or less. This will capture anything shown on screen and has the option of capturing webcam video as well. NOTE: When setting the video details, ensure "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" is deselected if you do not want this visible campus wide (by default this might be enabled).

Trim – videos can be trimmed at the start and end. Notes: Manual changes to transcripts will be lost if trimmed. Trim is not available in all browsers – see compatible browsers in the instruction link.

Create & Manage Groups:

  • Create a group - this will be a manual process of adding all student names who are in your course.
  • Use Teams to create a group for you! If you are already using Teams with your students, a group with the Team name has been autogenerated and is available for you to use when setting up video viewing permissions in Stream. If you do not use Teams with your students but have too large of a class to manually create the group, consider using Teams to autogenerate your group. You can create a Team and have your students join using the "Join code". In the background, this will automatically generate a group that can be used in Stream. For more information on using Teams, visit this CAFE resource on Microsoft Teams.
  • Edit and manage a group


  • Autogenerated captions will ONLY be created if the video language is set.
    • To set the default language for your account, follow these instructions. Notes: This will be applied to any new uploaded videos, but not change the setting on any that are already uploaded (see next option to set the language on individual videos). There might be a delay in this setting being activated account wide for Stream.
    • To set the language on individual videos, follow these instructions.
    • If uploading professional caption files, follow these instructions. Acceptable caption format is .vtt. If professional captions are required, contact to inquire about having your Stream videos captioned.

Additional Features: