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Virtual Simulation: An Educator's Toolkit

This open access etextbook was developed as a resource to help educators and simulationists use virtual simulations with learners in all educational settings. It is designed to highlight key concepts related to educator preparation, prebrief, enactment, debrief and evaluation stages required for providing an effective virtual simulation learning experience. The foundational information in this etextbook will benefit any educator who is using virtual simulation in a course, lab, clinical setting or to augment clinical practice.

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Write It Again

Write It Again is a learning module designed and developed as a website. This OER module teaches students how to utilize effectively the ideas and information from authors of online or print materials in college assignments requiring research. The skills students learn through this OER will help them to avoid unintentional plagiarism by showing them correctly how to include material written by someone else in their own work.

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Fluid Power Trainer Simulator

The Fluid Power Trainer simulator, comprised of a series of circuits, provides learners with a digital simulator, enabling them to learn and practice their skills virtually, better preparing them to apply these skills in the shop and in industry. The integration of a high-quality digital simulator provides learners with 21st century digital tools as life-long learners. Learners can repeatedly practice their skills as much as needed so that they master the necessary foundational skills. With the simulator, learners will build circuits that model hydraulic principles; manipulate industry-specific virtual equipment; and learn how to read hydraulic drawings. The simulator allows learners to go back and refresh their skills as many times as they need to. Learners are provided with the ability to practice and fail without faculty watching over their shoulders, providing a safe place to learn at their pace.