Find Graphics, Photos, or Video

Here we have curated a list of numerous graphic, photo, and video resources and websites that we recommend to our DC faculty. Please select the section applicable to you:

Graphic and photo assets

The following resources are free to use. Some require attribution, some do not. Each individual graphic/photo will advise of any copyright requirements.

You can find graphic or photos from the following sources:

General Assets

Subject-Specific Assets

Subject(s): Organic Chemistry
Language(s): English

A series of short, student-made audiovisuals reinforcing techniques from the NC State Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Teaching Laboratories.

Subject(s): Nursing, Biology, Health Sciences
Language(s): English

Created by a Working Group at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the PHIL offers an organized, universal electronic gateway to CDC’s pictures.

Subject(s): Biology
Language(s): English

This Image Library is a repository for images and movies of cells from a variety of organisms. It demonstrates cellular architecture and functions with high quality images, videos, and animations.

Subject(s): Art
Language(s): English

The University of Michigan Library provides access to this collection of Art for educational and research purpose

Create your own graphic / Standard tools

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can create your own! To create your own graphic:

If you’re interested in exploring PowerPoint for creating images, please review this helpful resource for some ideas.

Create your own graphic using GenAI / Adobe Firefly

In case you missed it, Adobe Creative Cloud recently launched some new generative AI features through Adobe Firefly, including:

  • Text to Image: generate images and graphics from a detailed text description.
  • Generative Fill*: use a brush to remove objects or paint in new ones in Adobe apps.
  • Text Effects*: apply styles or textures to words or phrases in Adobe apps.
  • Generative Recolor*: generate color variations of your vector artwork in Adobe apps.
  • 3D to Image*: generate images from the interactive positioning of 3D elements in Adobe apps.
  • Project Stardust*: Move an object anywhere in your images in Adobe apps.


Adobe Firefly is available to use through DC’s Adobe Creative Cloud account. Access to Adobe Creative Cloud may be requested through IT Services.

*Use of some generative AI features may require some knowledge and experience with Adobe Creative Cloud and its applications.

Video assets

Videos can be demonstrations, recorded PowerPoint presentations or “talking head” (which means it’s one person on camera talking). Remember to watch and consider the video content thoroughly, not everyone is the expert they claim to be!

You can find videos from the following sources:

Need assistance? Talk to the DC Library Subject Specialists!

Scroll down to 3. Video Search to find some video options that you can use!

O’Reilly is available in the Library’s A-Z Databases list. Content is discoverable in Durham’s Omni Search.

Gain access to ebooks, videos, e-learning content, case studies and expert answers on topics, including: programming, IT networking, project management, graphic design, business strategy, and much more.

JoVE is accessible to all DC faculty by using your Banner ID and network password.

This streaming video library helps teach scientific fundamentals through video demonstrations with subtitles in multiple languages. All content is licensed for educational use in the classroom and in DC Connect.

Create your own Video

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Create your own using your computer or phone. The following resources will help:

REMEMBER: Keep videos under 10 minutes to accommodate short attention spans!

To keep the attention of your audience, try making your videos as concise and to the point as possible. When a long video cannot be avoided, think about breaking it up into smaller sections and have students complete an activity or discussion in between clips. Having a script or point form notes can be helpful to ensure the main goals of the video are covered, while keeping the length as short as possible

Remember, videos must have captions to be compliant with AODA. For more information on captions, please visit our live captioning page.

AR / VR assets

This collection of images and videos has a dedicated section of 360 videos. Subject areas include art, space, natural history, performances, fashion and location around the world.

A channel featuring a variety of 360 videos that can be viewed on a computer or mobile device in VR mode.

This resource compares augmented and virtual reality and includes 11 augmented reality apps with an application in education.

This is an extensive list of extended reality applications, categorized by subject.


If you need any support, our Multimedia Specialists are happy to help!

AI generated photo of Jonelle Arendoque

Jonelle Arendoque
Multimedia Specialist / Project Coordinator

AI generated photo of Erin Banit

Erin Banit
Multimedia Specialist

AI generated photo of Tyler Perras

Tyler Perras
Multimedia Specialist / eDeveloper