Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway is an Office 365 application that allows faculty and students to easily combine content such as text, images, videos and audio in an interactive online format. It can be used to create mini websites, presentations, reports, stories and newsletters.

Sway Resources

Microsoft Sway is a tool that can be used by both faculty and students to create and share content in a visual and interactive online format. Here are some resources to provide support with the creation of Sway.

Accessing Sway:

  • Faculty & Staff: Go to and sign in with your bannerID, followed by (i.e. and your network password. Step-by-step instructions are available here. Then press "Sway" from your O365 dashboard.
  • Students: Login through, then press the waffle icon on the left side of their screen and select "Sway".

How to Use Sway:

These resources can be used by both faculty and students.

This Getting Started with Sway page provides a general overview. For more detailed instructions, see the resources below.




  • Sway Sharing Options (see the section titled “Share a Sway from your Organizational Account)
  • Sway can be added to DC Connect using the same methods available for sharing other website links with students. For instructions, visit our DC Connect – Content resources.

Additional Resources:


All Microsoft Sway projects have an Accessibility View that can be turned on by the end user to allow for high-contrast viewing, full keyboard navigation and screen reader access.

Microsoft have produced an overview of accessibility features in Microsoft Sway and guidance for producing your own accessible Sway.

For the best experience with the accessibility features in Sway, it is recommended that Microsoft Edge be used.

Are you using Sway? We would love to see how you are using Sway!
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