Library Spotlight – DC Connect Online Modules & New Online Resources

To support online and blended course delivery, Librarians have developed three e-learning modules in DC Connect. The text, images, videos, interactive quizzes and activities included in these modules support the development of information literacy skills in your course so students are prepared to find, evaluate and ethically use information from a variety of sources in their assignments. These three modules can be used together or individually as part of your curriculum:

  • Introduction to Information Literacy: Introduce your students to the various types of information sources available in the Campus Library and beyond – and teach them how to find the right sources to meet their needs. This module covers all stages of the research process, including choosing a topic, planning a search strategy, reading and creating citations, and selecting and evaluating appropriate academic sources.
  • Searching Omni for Books, Articles and More: Teach your students the basics of searching for information sources in Omni, the Library’s academic search tool. This module covers keyword search strategies, filters for refining results, and specialized tools in Omni for creating citations, saving searches and results, and accessing full text for online resources.
  • Advanced Searching for Research Articles: Help your students develop advanced search skills to find research articles in the Library’s subject databases. This module covers advanced topics like developing a research question, keyword and subject heading searches and advanced database search features.

Your students can self-register in DC Connect by clicking Self-Registration and selecting Library Online from the list of self-registration course options. The Library Online modules include completion badges in the awards section that can be submitted for participation marks. You can also download and import the modules into your own DC Connect courses to monitor student progress and achievement in your course’s gradebook.

New Online Resources

To support faculty’s transition to online and blended learning, the Library team has acquired a number of new online resources:

  • Safety Hub: Engaging workplace safety training video content. 107 videos covering topics including safety basics, hazard management, shop safety, power tools, welding safety, personal protective equipment and more.
  • JoVE Science Education: Video library dedicated to teaching scientific fundamentals through video demonstrations. Durham College Library subscribes to the complete Science Education series. This content is licensed for educational use in the classroom and via DC Connect. Contact your Librarian to learn about JoVE’s curriculum mapping service and integrate this content into your existing syllabus.
  • SPORTDiscus: Full text articles from 550 journals, including many peer reviewed publications, in the area of exercise science, sports and sports medicine, extending back to 1985. Content also includes books, book chapters and conference proceedings.
  • IbisWorld: Access industry reports including market characteristics, statistics and business environment profiles for Canadian industries, organized by NAICS code.

Whether you’re teaching in person or online, the Library team is here to help! Find out more about our teaching supports and how we can support teaching and learning in your classroom.