Quality Assurance / September 2022

APR App Launch

Thank you to program teams who were involved in the APR App launch in spring 2022. We’re pleased to share that it was a successful launch for program teams, Deans and CTL. We will work to continuously improve the App for further launch with additional programs in spring 2023.

Screenshot of Digital APR Application

QA Team Appreciation

Thank you to all who participated in academic quality assurance (QA) processes during the 2021-2022 academic year including new program development, annual program review, program change, comprehensive program review and the analysis of the many data points including curriculum mapping, as well as contributions to working groups for digitizing QA inputs and committees supporting the review of QA initiatives, proposals and requests. The Quality Assurance Team greatly appreciates all of your contributions and thoughtful engagement with the processes.

DC Quality Assurance

Durham College (DC) implements quality assurance (QA) processes regularly throughout the institution as part of our ongoing commitment to academic excellence and continuous improvement. As part of DC’s culture of collaboration and to encourage further exploration, examples of QA best practices from across the organization are available on ICE including programs which have recently completed their Comprehensive Program Review (CPR).

Please visit QA Best Practices to view presentations by program teams highlighting findings from their comprehensive program reviews.