Student Academic Learning Services (SALS) / September 2022

Welcome to a new academic year! SALS is here to support all students on their academic journey at DC. From subject specific supports to learning strategies to peer tutoring, our team is here to help your students move through their courses successfully. Remember, you can also refer students to SALS for specific support! Please visit our new services infographic to see how we can help your students succeed:

Screenshot of the SALS Services Chart for Students

Need an alternate version of this infographic? A PDF version is also available​.

What’s New

  • The SALS ONLINE widget in DC Connect has been redeveloped to better reflect all of the resources available through the self-registration portal. If you provide instructions on accessing SALS ONLINE in your course, please have a look at the new widget and revise your materials to reflect the change.
  • Resources to support students in navigating Respondus Lockdown Monitor and Respondus browser are now available for your students! These resources include a video introduction, written instructions for installation and set-up, and a practice quiz for students to understand how the platform will look and feel during an assessment. These resources can be found in the SALS ONLINE Navigating DC Connect unit and will be available in the Academic Success Toolkit in the Learning Resources section on MyDC very soon.