Self Care

With all your other responsibilities in school, it often feels as though there is no time left to look after yourself. Although all your responsibilities as a student are certainly important, the key to your success in school involves making your mental health a priority. Regular mental health “tune ups” will help you stay motivated and productive. The following are a list of resources for thriving in school.

On campus resources (
Mindfulness (
Taking care of yourself during the school year (
Self-Care (
Chilling-Out (
Live Well (
How to Take Care of Yourself (
How to be Awesome at Self-Care (
Looking After Yourself (

Pillars of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness (
8 Pillars of Wellness (
The 8 Pillars of Holistic Health and Wellness (

Eating and Exercise

Exercise and Eating Well (
Food for Thought: Mental Health and Nutrition (
Nutritional Psychiatry: Your brain on food (
Food for the Brain Foundation (
Depression and anxiety: Exercise eases symptoms (


Sleep (
Sleep Self Care (PDF,
Sleep Hygiene (
Sleep Self-Help (
6 Sleep Hygiene Habits Every Student Should Start Tonight (
13 Sleep Hygiene Tips for the Sleepy College Student (
How to Stay Well Rested (
The Incredible Importance of Sleep for Habits & Motivation (