How to Record Your Powerpoint Slide Show

Are you looking for a way to record a video of your PowerPoint slide show presentation with audio narration? Here are some resources to help.

Before getting started: Remember to chunk your course content into manageable pieces. Present material in smaller chunks. For example, consider making several short videos rather than one longer video. This will help students grasp the content. It will also help make the recording process easier for you!

Record Directly from PowerPoint

Considerations when using this method:

  • Content external to the slideshow will not be recorded (this includes videos, websites, software, etc.).
  • Embedded videos will not be recorded.
  • The desktop version of PowerPoint 2019 or newer must be used.
  • Do not speak while advancing to the next slide. Narration will not be captured during the transition from one slide to the next.
  • Be sure to share your final presentation as a video, do not just post the PowerPoint file.

Recording instructions:

The desktop version of PowerPoint 2019 or newer must be used. To download the latest version of PowerPoint:

  • Go to and login using your college credentials ( and network password).
  • In the top right-hand corner, select the button to install the latest version of the Office 365 Suite.

Windows recording instructions: watch or read

Mac recording instructions: watch or read

Ensure you save your recorded slide show to a video format. Do not just post the PowerPoint file with the narration, or some students will not be able to access it properly.

Upload to YouTube:

Posting to YouTube will ensure students are able to access your video properly and allow for captioning. Visit our Share Your Video page for instructions.

Share in DC Connect:

After uploading to YouTube, you can share the video link with your students in DC Connect (the same way you share other YouTube links). For more information, visit our DC Connect - Content resource.


Need to record your PowerPoint PLUS external resources such as video, software or websites?

If PowerPoint’s built-in recording feature is not going to meet your needs, consider using a screen-recording tool. Visit our Create Your Own Screen-capture page for more information.