eLearning / May 2022

What’s New

Returning to the CTL  /  Tanya Wakelin 

Tanya Wakelin, manager, eLearning, has returned to the CTL from parental leave. She is excited for the 2022-23 academic year and is here to support your program team needs for DC Connect, educational technology and multimedia. She is looking forward to sharing some new resources and tools in the near future! Keep an eye out!

edTech Updates

microsoft teams  /  Recording Expiration Dates 

MS Teams video recordings are now automatically stored for 150 days which allows students more than a semester to review recordings. You can edit the expiration date to be shorter, or remove it so that the video is not deleted after 150 days.

To learn more, please view this resource:

Expiration Dates on Teams Recordings [PDF]

Now in DC Connect

Faculty Collaboration using the updated sandbox management tool

In a new release of the DC Sandbox Management Tool widget, faculty now have the ability to add their peers to their sandboxes for the purposes of collaboration or sharing course materials. Faculty can add peers in the role of “Instructor”, which allows them full access to the course including edit privileges; or in the role of “Content Copier”, which allows them to only copy materials out to their own courses, not make edits.

For detailed instructions, please view this resource:

Sandbox Management Resource [PDF]

Dropdown in DC Connect


easy access to zoom

Can’t remember the login link for Zoom? Faculty can now launch zoom from the Links & Resources in DC Connect menu.  

Screenshot of the menu bar in DC Connect


add the dc land acknowledgement to your courses

One of the ways DC encourages our campus to acknowledge the shared historical relationship between Indigenous people and settlers of Canada is through the delivery of Land Acknowledgements. To support this, DC’s institutional Land Acknowledgement is now featured in every new Sandbox in DC Connect.  

For those with existing courses, the Land Acknowledgement is also available from the Select a Document template menu within the HTML editor.  

Screenshot of a dropdown menu in DC Connect

To develop personalized Land Acknowledgements, faculty are encouraged to use the resources available on the FPIC website.