This Month’s Faculty Spotlight is Lindsey Morillo, who began his post-secondary education believing he would be doctor – only to discover a passion for numbers. He now teaches intermediate accounting and advanced financial reporting courses for the Centre of Part-Time and Professional Learning (PPL) at Durham College.

Morillo says he began working at Durham College around 1997 after he became interested in a part-time position that would allow him to teach using his unique skillset.

“I’m a certified general accountant, a certified chartered professional accountant, and a certified internal auditor and a certified fraud examiner. So, I've got a good background in forensic auditing and also in internal auditing,” says Morillo.

Whether this means teaching another course or helping international students grasp complex subjects, despite a language gap, Morillo says he is always happy to help.

“We have a lot of newcomers and English is a second language, which I try to help in a positive way,” he explains, adding that he offers students encouragement to improve.

Morillo says he presents most of his classes online because it provided the most flexibility for his students. The courses are available through OntarioLearn in partnership with other colleges such as DC, Seneca, and Centennial – all of whom host their courses using their own professors. Courses are typically between 14-15 weeks in length but can vary.

“Due to the flexible nature of online learning and the increased demand by students, I have been teaching mostly online since 2018,” says Morillo. “Although about 70% of my students are generally DC students, I have students from other colleges including Centennial, Niagara, St. Lawrence and others.”

Morillo says his job teaching at the PPL offers a slightly different approach to education by making courses available to students and mature students on a timeline that works for them. This means if students need to take night classes or simply wish to upgrade their professional skills, the PPL and its staff make it possible.

“We look for timeliness and customer service - and that's one of [our] key successes and also having the resources to deal with the demands,” says Morillo. “It's a way of organizing things for the students that would facilitate their success in their career objectives.”