Flexible Delivery Planning

Many different programs and courses have chosen the flexible delivery mode for the fall semester. The CTL has created a Faculty Tool Kit to build capacity in our faculty.

If you are teaching a flexible delivery course this year, consider using the tools we have created to support your teaching and learning.

  • DC Connect “Flexible Course Delivery – Durham College Toolkit”: This resource reviews both the pedagogical and technological aspects of flexible delivery. It
    covers: the principles of flexible delivery, benefits and considerations, simulcast technology specific to Durham College, the role of DC Connect in flexible delivery, setting course expectations for a flexibly delivered course, delivery considerations, and digital tools for technology-enabled teaching and learning.
  • Virtual space for a Flexible Delivery - Community of Practice: This space allows faculty to learn from and with each other. Here, we will be posting asynchronous discussion prompts, resources, and tips and tricks. This is a spare for faculty to share their experiences with flexible delivery. If you are interested in being part of this CoP, the join code for the MS Team is 99s1q34
  • Synchronous sessions: At the end of each month, we will host sessions focused on specific topics to reflect on our practices with flexible delivery.

Through these collaborative efforts we are looking to deepen our collective understanding of flexible delivery which can then be used to build additional supports for the ‘next generation’ of flexible faculty.

If you are teaching a flexible delivery course and would like to have access to the DC Connect Toolkit, please complete this MS Form by September 17th.