Kritik is available for DC faculty members

Durham College's (DC) Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is thrilled to announce a partnership with K​ritik – an online platform that facilitates peer-to-peer assessment of student work, such as essays, presentations, lab reports and more in a variety of disciplines. To help DC faculty members use Kritik in their courses, the CTL is happy to share the below online information sessions. ​​

Why use Kritik?

Kritik enables students to:

  • Evaluate and comment on the work of their peers, based on a rubric provided by the instructor.
  • Learn to see multiple perspectives and solutions to the same assignment.
  • Reflect upon the quality of their own work.
  • Develop soft skills including critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

With this approach, students have more opportunities to:

  • Obtain personalized feedback quickly, learn from it, and integrate that learning into future work.
  • Become skilled at giving fair and accurate feedback and communicate it in a constructive manner.
  • Interact and collaborate with their peers.

Note: Integrating Kritik into DC Connect is in discussion, and further details will be available on the CTL we​bsite.

Want to try Kritik for Fall 2023?

The team at Kritik is offering online information sessions for faculty members interested in implementing Kritik in their fall 2023 courses:

Part 1: Introduction to Peer Assessment with Kritik

Please choose one session to attend

Part 2: Onboarding 1:1 with Kritik

​If you are not available for the live sessions, please register in order to receive the recordings. Additional professional development sessions will continue this fall.

Learn more about DC's partnership with Kritik and how it works online.


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For more information, please connect with:
Tanya Wakelin