June Faculty Spotlight – Colin Burwell

This month, the CTL had the opportunity to interview Colin Burwell, a faculty member in the School of Media, Art, and Design, and the founder and CEO of Empty Cup Media—a successful videography, photography, and education-based business in Oshawa. Colin’s approach to teaching and learning is to bring his passion and experience with theatre to the role. To hear more about Colin’s unique take on teaching and learning, watch the interview below.

Feel free to use the quick links below, or watch the video embedded directly in the

Can you tell us about yourself and your teaching style? (4s mark)
How do you get your students engaged in their learning? (3m 34s mark)
Now that we’re remote, what have you learned? How do you think this will change
the way you teach when we return in-person?
(5m 43s mark)
How does technology come into play in your classroom while being remote? What
have you had to adapt that has worked better than you thought it might?
(10m 13s mark)
What advice do you have for other professors? (12m 14s mark)