May Faculty Spotlight – Sean Crowley

The CTL interviewed Sean Crowley, a mathematics faculty member in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies. Sean’s philosophy of education stems from a belief that he and his students are a community of learners. He focuses on engaging students by building a community of openness and connections where all students feel a sense of belonging and comfort. Listen to the interview to discover how Sean is able to accomplish this.

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Can you tell us about yourself and your teaching style? (4s mark)
How do you get your students engaged in their learning? (1m 59s mark)
Now that we’re remote, what have you learned? How do you think this will change the way you teach when we return in-person? (4m 1s mark)
How does technology come into play in your classroom while being remote? What have you had to adapt that has worked better than you thought it might? (7m 13s mark)
What advice do you have for other professors? (10m 27s mark)