One Minute Tip | Intelligent Agents

Looking to check-in with your students, increase student engagement, all while reducing your workload?  Implementation and use of Intelligent Agents in DC Connect could be an excellent idea!

What is an Intelligent Agent in DC Connect? Wonder how you could use Intelligent Agents in a positive way in your course? This page provides you with everything you need to know about Intelligent Agents and how to set them up.

Donna Pegg, a faculty member and Program Coordinator in the School of Health, requested that we make a video on the positive ways to use Intelligent Agents. Great idea Donna! This video was developed by Dani, one of our work study students.

Step-by-step instructions on how to create an Intelligent Agent

Watch the video below or click here to see written instructions

Encourage Learners to Engage Using Intelligent Agents - Instructor

Gain insight into learners’ involvement in your course so you can personalize how you interact with them. This tutorial shows how to create an Intelligent Agent that alerts you when a learner hasn’t accessed a course recently so you can connect with those learners as necessary.