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Corey Gill

Generative AI Consultant in the CTL

The following tips include a series of questions with suggested prompts that can be used with Bing Copilot – available through the DC instance of Microsoft 365 – to support our faculty members’ teaching and learning practices.

Have you wondered if AI can help you overcome material leakage to online course sites?

It can! Let AI help you re-write your short answer test questions and draft updated answers by using DC Connect, the Bing Copilot sidebar and a prompt similar to this:

Prompt Suggestion

"Hey Bing. Can you read the question in the browser and the feedback (or answer guide) provided and reword the question to review the same concepts in a different way? If you could provide the answer as well to help me validate what you did and why, that would be great!"

Could AI help you ensure that students are always receiving unique case studies every semester?

It can, and quickly too! AI can develop new case studies or revise existing case studies. Open Bing Copilot, upload your case in PDF format and use a the prompt like this:

Prompt Suggestion

"Hi Bing. Can you review the case I provided and recreate it using different names, locations, and numbers? Could you also review the answers and provide the required updates to them to ensure they accurately reflect the new case?"

Did you know AI can quickly help you quickly build your question bank in DC connect?

Just select and copy your DC Connect content and paste it into QuizWiz. Then select create quiz and moments later you will have a number of new questions to review and add to your bank!

Wondering if you should let AI overhaul your assignments or activities?

You should! Simply open any assignment in your web browser, open the Bing Copilot sidebar and use the following prompt:

Prompt Suggestion

"Hello, can you review the assignment open in the my browser and create a new assignment that explores the same topics in a different way? I would appreciate it if you could also provide the answer key."

Looking for other ways to use GenAI?

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