Respondus Lockdown | Spotlight by Prof. John-Paul Mann


John-Paul Mann

John-Paul Mann, Finance Professor & Program Coordinator, in the School of Business, IT and Management shares a best practice for using Respondus Lockdown Browser.

I am an advocate of using electronic testing for evaluations, and using Respondus is a simple technology aid within DC Connect that helps “level the playing field” for all students, by helping to reduce cheating. Respondus locks down student browsers preventing navigation to other sites or opening additional windows during an evaluation.

Here is my Best Practice;

Before using Respondus on an evaluation for grades, create a simple one question quiz with Respondus enabled. Have students open the simple quiz and if they have not already added Respondus to their laptops, they will be prompted to initiate set-up. This simple one question quiz with Respondus added to their laptops, helps prepare students and confirms they are ready to complete a quiz with Respondus enabled.

This quick small activity will save students the frustration and anxiety of trying to load Respondus just before taking an evaluation.

Want to Know More?

Check out the resources available for faculty and instructions for faculty to share with their students.