Showcasing Our Exemplary Faculty and Their Practices

Faculty at Durham College have found innovative ways to engage, teach and assess our students as they transitioned to remote delivery. Although they teach in a broad range of disciplines and need to instill industry-specific skills and knowledge, the common principles underlying our faculty’s approaches are student-centredness and social connectedness.

In these three clips, faculty describe their approaches to remote learning, exploring re-engagement and fostering online communities. Students have remained connected to the course and with each other, and have learned the skills that are sought by employers. These featured faculty at Durham College demonstrate how they’ve supported their students remotely while exemplifying adaptability, creativity and digital competency that are essential for the evolving world of work.

Want to know more about the tools these faculty used? Check out our resources on Teams, Virtual Classroom, H5P Studio, creating your own videos and screen-captures and all things EdTech and remote delivery.

Re-Engage With Students – Academic Kick-Off 2020 – Durham College

Adopting New Strategies – Academic Kick-Off 2020 – Durham College

Online Communities and Support – Academic Kick-Off 2020 – Durham College