Virtual Experiential Learning Faculty Shout-Out

Shout out to faculty members Sheldon Koufman (BITM) and Linda Cheng (MAD) and field placement officer Elizabeth Campbell (BITM) for adapting quickly to online delivery and leading a new approach to work-integrated learning at DC—virtual field placements. Using Riipen, a cloud-based experiential learning platform, this team has created virtual field placement opportunities for Business Administration – Marketing and Contemporary Web Design students. Sheldon’s Marketing placement course page was recently highlighted by Riipen as an exemplary use of the platform for virtual internship during a webinar attended by over 200 participants from other colleges across Canada.

View the full recording of the webinar: Virtual Internships on Riipen

Riipen integration is coming soon to DC Connect (check back with CAFE for more information). If you’re interested in learning more about Riipen, please contact Amanda Brown, manager of experiential learning (