Welcome back! – Fall Supports at the CAFE

Welcome! We hope you all had a chance to unplug and enjoy some quality time with family and friends. As we look ahead to this academic year, we have the opportunity to find creative ways to teach and connect with our students – and our colleagues. The CAFE team is here for you – to work with you as you support our students as they navigate through their educational journey. Reach out to us via email, join our various community of practice or workshop series to stay connected with your colleagues, follow us on twitter and keep checking our website as we continuously update our resources and professional development (PD) opportunities. We look forward to connecting with you!

Fall Supports at the CAFE

During Academic Kick-off, the keynote speaker, Britt Andreatta, provided some strategies and approaches to teaching based on the science of learning. Our team at the CAFE is here to support you as you experiment and apply some of these evidence-based strategies this fall. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

The eLearning Team, led by Tanya Wakelin, provides the following services:

  • DC Connect
    • Use DC Connect to support your teaching! Consider using the DC Connect quiz tool and/or the discussion board to embed retrieval practice opportunities for your students. We are here to support you in all things DC Connect.
  • Educational Technology
  • Video Production
    • Looking for a way to make short videos to demonstrate a skill – or to connect with your students? We can support you with that!
  • Interactive Simulations
    • Provide your students will realistic scenarios that will allow them to cement their learning! We can help you develop activities yourself or can provide further support.

We will be online with extended hours until September 22nd to support you: Monday – Friday 8:30am-6pm. All support requests are triaged through DCConnect@durhamcollege.ca.

The Educational Development Team, led by Amanda Maknyik, provides teaching and learning support

As we move into a new, and somewhat different academic year, please remember that you have direct supports available in the CAFE for your ideas, questions and concerns around teaching and learning. Reach out to us about teaching strategies, active learning ideas, assessments and evaluation plans, remote delivery options, classroom management challenges and more. Throughout the fall, CAFE will be hosting workshops on many of these topics, as well as drop-in sessions specifically dedicated to your planned assessments. Your Educational Development team is here to support you in whatever ways you need to have a successful semester!

Contact Amanda Makynik, manager, Educational Development with your teaching and learning questions!

The Quality Assurance Team, led by Gail Thornton, provides program development, review, and modification support

If you are involved in your program’s reviews including curriculum mapping, and/or program modifications, feel free to reach out to the quality assurance team for support.

Contact Gail Thornton with your questions.