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DC Connect Course Template

The new DC Connect template has been developed using evidence-based design principles, as well as DC student feedback. This template provides a consistent structure and organization for DC remote, hybrid, and face-to-face courses.

What is it?

Our new course template includes:

  • A consistent and intuitive DC Connect structure with straightforward navigation
  • Page layouts for videos, tables, lists, and featured content displays that are easy to customize
  • A standard ‘Welcome’ module that reinforces student supports as well as DC policies
  • An updated course home page with a template announcement
  • A Faculty How-To Guide with step-by-step roadmap and videos that allow faculty to customize the template
  • Can be customized to reflect individual program needs
  • Adherence to AODA

Who benefits?

  • Students
    • Ensures that students have a consistent experience when navigating their courses
    • Reduces cognitive load when looking for materials and tools in each course
    • Can support persistence and satisfaction by enabling the focus to remain on learning activities
  • Professors
    • Provides a foundation that eliminates the need to build course structure from scratch
    • Contains resources for faculty that are hidden from student view that provides step-by-step instructions on how to modify page content including: adding images and/or videos, uploading files, and other content-building activities
  • Executive Deans/Associate Deans
    • Helps ensure consistency across courses within programs
    • Can fast-track new faculty in learning DC Connect functions and reduces training needs
  • Support services:
    • Allows for more efficient support for faculty from support areas, including ITS
    • Helps reduce student support requests when navigating across their different courses

Demo: Course Template

The example below provides a demonstration of the design and feel of the template.

Ready to Use the Template?

The new DC Connect Course template can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Create a new "Sandbox 01" in DC Connect using the Sandbox Management widget found on the main page of DC Connect. The new template will populate any sandbox course that is automatically assigned the “Sandbox 01” suffix. If you already have a "Sandbox 01” created prior to the launch of the new template, you have two options:
    • If you aren't using the sandbox called "[Your Name] Sandbox 01", Delete it and then Add a new sandbox. The new sandbox will automatically be assigned the name "Sandbox 01" and you will see the new template in it. Alternatively, you can,
    • Edit your sandbox called "[Your Name] Sandbox 01" and change the name to "[Your Name] Sandbox [name of course]". Next, Add a new sandbox. The new sandbox will automatically be assigned the name "Sandbox 01" and you will see the new template in it.
  2. 'Create a file' to use page templates as Content topics. Would you like to use a few of the template pages for your Content topics, but don’t want the full course template? Access your course Content and, in the appropriate module, click the New button and choose the Create a file option. See DC Connect Content document for more information on using the content topic tool. Click the Select a Document Template button to choose from the following template pages:
    • template-for-overview-page
    • template-for-content-and-practice-page-v1
    • template-for-content-and-practice-page-v2
    • template-for-content-and-practice-page-v3
    • template-for-summary-page
    • template-for-tables-page
    • template-for-videos-page
    • template-for-images-page
    • template-for-title-page
    • template-for-lists-page
    • template-for-featured-content-page
    • template-for-blank-page

    Please note, this won’t update your course navigation.

Looking for the New Interactive-Components Page?

In order to get access to this new Interactive-Component page in your dc connect sandbox 01, you will need to delete or rename your existing sandbox 01 course and create a new one. Once created you will find the new page in the Faculty How-To Guide module. You will find instructions on how to add the new WYSIWYG editable versions of the tabs, accordions, and multi targets without understanding html code in the backend. You will also have access to the new quiz builder tool to create quick and easy formative quizzes that can be included into your content.

Where do I start?

Have the template, and not sure where to start?

DC Connect Template How-To Outline

DC Connect Course Exemplar

Are you stuck or looking for more ideas for remote teaching? The CTL launched a DC Connect course exemplar that is built on the DC Connect template. The exemplar provides one remote module that illustrates what a week could look like with course materials and activities. The exemplar also includes contributions from DC faculty!

To check out the exemplar, Email with your email and banner number to enroll in the "DC Connect Course Exemplar".