Accessing Another Faculty’s Course Content

Please note that the process to have requested course content shared with an additional faculty member has been adjusted. When faculty and/or faculty office staff request course content to be made available to another faculty member, the following process will occur:

Step 1: Request access to the course

The original faculty and/or school administration will email ITS at to request that another faculty member be enrolled in their/a course for the purpose of content sharing.

Step 2: Faculty Member Provided Content Copier Access to course

The second faculty member will be enrolled in the course as the “Content Copier” role. When given access to the course, the faculty will be able to view only the content.

Activities (Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes, etc.) will not be visible in this role.

Step 3: Copy the course into a sandbox

The Content Copier faculty member will be able to copy the course into their chosen sandbox (e.g., John Smith’s Sandbox 02).

  1. The process begins in the Sandbox of their choosing.
  2. They must click on the Course Admin navigation option, then the Import / Export/Copy Component link.
  3. On the subsequent page, the Copy Components from another Org Unit radio button is left selected and the Search for Offering button clicked.
  4. In the search field displayed, the source course information is input.
  5. When copied, all materials and Activities (Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes, etc.) will appear in the sandbox. There, they can personalize and update materials as appropriate before copying from the sandbox into their current/future semester CRN.

Additional Questions?

Please refer to our copy components (pp. 3-7) documentation, view the copy components video, or contact for assistance.