Video Captioning - Keeping Accessibility in Mind

Here are a few resources to help you ensure your online video delivery will remain accessible to our students.


Teams has a built-in feature that provides live captions.

  • Students are responsible for turning on their own caption preview on their device.
  • Students and faculty MUST use the downloaded desktop or mobile app to view live captions.
  • Although it is recommended that faculty use the desktop app in general, it is not necessary for the students to access the live captions.
  • Use live captions in a Teams meeting


Although Virtual Classroom does not have a built-in feature for live captions, if you are using the tool and have a student who requires this feature, consider using PowerPoint’s automatic subtitles.

  • PowerPoint has a built-in feature that you can turn on to display live captions of what you are saying. This can be displayed below your slide or placed elsewhere on your presentation.
  • Within Virtual Classroom, you can use the “Share your screen” feature to present your lesson content using PowerPoint with subtitles.
  • Follow these instructions to turn on subtitles in your PowerPoint slide show: read or watch.


YouTube has auto captions that have come a long way from the initial days of auto captioning. If you are uploading videos to YouTube, please keep the following in mind.

  • Depending on the clarity and complexity of the dialogue in the video, some manual editing of the auto captions might be needed.
  • Learn how to edit auto captions: read or watch.


Are you sharing a YouTube or Vimeo video that you don’t own and doesn’t have correct auto captions?

  • The CAFE outsources captioning work to 3PlayMedia
  • They provide a one-week turnaround at the standard rate. Quicker turnaround is possible for a higher fee. All costs are covered by Durham College.
  • What is needed from you? A link to your YouTube video (easiest option) or the actual video itself
  • Contact the CAFE at to have your video sent for captioning

Looking for resources on keeping documents accessible? The Learning Portal and Accessible Campus have great resources for you.

Workaround for Live Auto Captions in DC Connect Virtual Classroom:

Students can enable live captions on their end using a third party tool. This does require a few extra steps and only a select number of devices have this feature available. Check out this resource for Google and Android devices.