Adobe Firefly & Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise

Did You Know

DC faculty members and staff have access to all generative AI tools mentioned on this page.

Adobe Firefly

via Adobe Creative Cloud

In case you missed it, Adobe Creative Cloud recently launched some new generative AI features through Adobe Firefly, including:

  • Text to Image: generate images and graphics from a detailed text description.
  • Generative Fill*: use a brush to remove objects or paint in new ones in Adobe apps.
  • Text Effects*: apply styles or textures to words or phrases in Adobe apps.
  • Generative Recolor*: generate color variations of your vector artwork in Adobe apps.
  • 3D to Image*: generate images from the interactive positioning of 3D elements in Adobe apps.
  • Project Stardust*: Move an object anywhere in your images in Adobe apps.


Adobe Firefly is available to use through DC’s Adobe Creative Cloud account. Access to Adobe Creative Cloud may be requested through IT Services.

*Use of some generative AI features may require some knowledge and experience with Adobe Creative Cloud and its applications.
Screenshot of the landing page for Adobe Firefly.


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Visit the Adobe Firefly website

For more information and to learn more about Adobe Firefly, please visit the Adobe website:

Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise

via Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise is a generative AI tool that can help faculty members and staff generate content, analyze or compare data, summarize documents, generative images and much more. While Microsoft Bing Chat is available publicly, Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise provides commercial data protection, which means:

  • user and organizational data are protected;
  • Chat data isn’t saved;
  • Microsoft is not tracking access;
  • your data isn’t used to train the underlying large language models (see Microsoft FAQs for privacy details)


DC faculty members and staff have access to Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise as part of their DC Microsoft Office 365 account.

To use Bing Chat Enterprise:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Chat option at the top left corner or side navigation bar. If you are already logged into your Microsoft Office 365 account, you may see your image at the top right corner to indicate you are already signed in.
  3. When you are ready, type a question or select a preset prompt to get a reply.

Screenshot of the landing page for Microsoft Bing Enterprise.


Unsure how to utilize Generative AI? Visit our Generative AI resource for guidance.

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