Winter 2022 / March 2

Durham College CTL Academic PD Day

The CTL’s Winter Personal Development Day hosted a variety of different sessions in varying interests. We had Steve Joordens returning to DC to host another session about peerScholar, as well as Robby Ahn and Nick Fazzini from Miro to showcase various use cases for this unique EdTech. In addition, there was exciting sessions from the library, and the CTL’s eLearning, educational development, quality assurance teams.

Below are samples of what these sessions offered:

How to Create Videos for Your Course - This session provided an overview for Mac and Windows users on how to create videos for your course.  Methods for creating the following types of videos were discussed: slide show recording, screen recording, as well as a demonstration or “talking head” video.  This session covered captioning and sharing videos.

DC Connect Discussion and Groups – This intermediate-level session introduced the Discussions tool and the Groups tool in DC Connect. This session took a closer look at how instructors can use the Discussions tool in DC Connect to interact with students and promote collaboration. In addition to settings for discussion on DC Connect, usage ideas and facilitation methods were discussed. This session also explored how to create groups and manage online group discussions.

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Session Recordings

If you missed out on Winter Academic PD day this year, you can watch secured session recordings available now via Microsoft Teams. Registered participants currently have access, however, DC faculty and staff can request access to the recordings by emailing


For more detailed descriptions on the sessions that occurred on March 2nd, check out our monthly workshop professional development calendar..