Student Academic Learning Services

What services are offered through Student Academic Learning Services (SALS)?

SALS supports student academic success by providing the following:

  • ESL support
  • Learning strategies
  • Peer tutors
  • Subject specific support
  • Writing skills support

We provide these services through online modules and resources, in workshops and tutorials, and through individual appointments. We also have computers for students to use for academic purposes.

Where do I go to receive support from SALS?

Oshawa Campus

Student Services building, SSB 204
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
T: 905.721.2000 ext. 2491

Whitby Campus

SALS, Room 1 – 10
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
T: 905.721.2000 ext. 4221

I want to do well in my program. What can I do to be successful in my courses?

To help you be successful you can do the following:

  • Register for SALS ONLINE
  • Attend workshops and tutorials
  • Book an individual or small group appointment
  • Apply to get a peer tutor
What is SALS ONLINE? Why should I register?

SALS ONLINE is your free, 24/7 online resource. There are six SALS ONLINE units and you can get help with writing, learning skills, English as a Second Language, math, business, and science.

What supports do you have for students with English as a Second Language (ESL)?

The ESL Specialist at SALS can help ESL students with the following:

  • Acculturation
  • Assignment clarification
  • Editing skills
  • Oral and written skills development
  • Presentation skills
Can I get someone to proofread my paper before I submit it?

Papers are not proofread at SALS; however, writing staff will review your paper with you, help you understand your mistakes, and teach you how to correct them. This will make you a better writer.

Am I guaranteed a peer tutor if I apply for one?

Students can apply for a peer tutor in one or two subjects, but we cannot guarantee that a peer tutor will be available for every subject. Students can increase the chances of being matched with a tutor by applying early in the semester.

Can my tutor assist me with an assignment?

No, peer tutors are not able to help students complete any work for marks or share copies of previous tests as this compromises academic integrity and has serious academic consequences for both the student and the tutor. If you do not understand your assignment, speak with your professor for clarification.

Will I receive the full 15 hours of tutoring?

We cannot guarantee that students will receive 15 hours of tutoring per subject. Applying early and being flexible with regards to your availability to meet with a tutor allows you to access more weeks of tutoring and increases the likelihood of receiving the full 15 hours of tutoring per semester.