Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

How do I gain credits through PLAR?

In order to gain credits you must:

  • Review the program of study and identify which course(s) you have prior experience with.
  • Review the learning outcomes found in your program guide and/or course outline.
  • Register for PLAR and pay the required fee.
  • Successfully demonstrate that the learning outcomes have been met.
Where do I start?

Call 905.721.3053 or email to speak with a staff member to establish eligibility and be provided with a detailed course outline for the course being considered for PLAR.

How do I apply?

Candidates must complete a PLAR Registration form and pay the non-refundable PLAR fee, per course, before the process begins. Payment may be made in-person via debit, credit card or money order.

How many credits can I receive?

The PLAR process can be used to earn up to 75% of the course credits required in a given certificate or diploma program. The remaining course credits must be taken under the direct supervision of Durham College faculty.

How are grades assigned?

Credits gained through PLAR will be assigned a grade and are transcribed in the same manner as credits earned through coursework at the College. PLAR assessments that receive a passing or higher grade impact your Grade Point Average (GPA).

What will I need to complete?

Students must demonstrate knowledge of course learning outcomes with an assessment method that includes one or more of the following:

  • Written test/examination.
  • An assignment or essay.
  • Submission of a portfolio.
  • An oral/videotaped presentation.
  • Observation/demonstration of skills.
  • A presentation board.

Assessment methods are determined by subject matter experts.

Are all subjects eligible for PLAR?

Not all subjects are eligible for PLAR. Subject eligibility for PLAR is noted in the course outline.

Is it possible to have an unsuccessful outcome?

Yes. If there is insufficient evidence that the course learning outcomes have been met, the PLAR application will be deemed unsuccessful. You will not receive a failing grade for an unsuccessful assessment.

Can I do a PLAR over again?

The PLAR process can only be initiated once per course.