Health Services

Are there doctors on campus?

Doctors are available in the Health Centre. Please book an appointment to see a doctor. Every student using the service for the first time must fill out a Health Centre form. There are different forms for different services, and this must be printed out and brought with you to your appointment along with your OHIP health card. These forms can be found on the Durham College website under “Services,” then under “Health and Medical”. “Health Centre Forms” will be viewed on the left side of the webpage.

Can I get my prescription filled on campus?

Yes, a Lovell Drugs pharmacy is available in the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre.

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
T: 905.728.6724

You can contact the pharmacy to make arrangements to have your prescriptions transferred over from other pharmacies for free and over the counter medications are also available.

Is there a cost for out-of-province/international students?

Out-of-province students

All Canadian provincial insurance plans with the exception of Quebec are honoured. Since Quebec does not have a reciprocal agreement with Ontario, Quebec students will have to pay “out of pocket” for medical care. For more information, please visit the Health Centre website at

International students

International students must enrol in a health insurance plan specifically set out for international students. To obtain copies of these insurance forms and for more information, please contact the International office directly. Medical insurance claims will be filed directly to the approved insurance carrier by the Campus Health Centre.

What types of treatment can I get at the Campus Health Centre?
  • A medical clinic with access to physicians
  • Allergy and vaccination shots
  • On-site laboratory for testing
  • Sick notes, referral to specialists and prescription