Where do I get my Alumni ID card?

Alumni ID cards are mailed following convocation. If you do not receive a card or have lost your card please request a new one and it will be mailed to you.

Can I attend the annual Job Fair?

Alumni are permitted to attend the Job Fair to connect with potential employers. For more information please visit

What is the Alumni ID cards used for?

Alumni ID cards are required to take advantage of the special products and services available to DC alumni. They also serve as identification when visiting a DC campus.

How can I update my mailing address?

Mailing addresses can be updated online or by calling 905.721.3035. Please note: Updated information can also be shared in Reflections.

Why should I keep my address current?

The Alumni office may attempt to contact you to let you know about reunions, alumni events or special pricing and discounts. To ensure correspondence please keep your most current mailing address and e-mail address on file.

How can I stay involved?

Volunteers are needed to serve as mentors, alumni ambassadors, guest speakers, campus tour guides, board members and to assist with faculty-specific events. Please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs for current opportunities.

How do I request a transcript?

Transcripts can be ordered by printing and filling out a Request for Transcript form found on the online forms page. Please submit the form to the office of Strategic Enrolment Services, which is located in Room SSB206 of the Student Services building at the Oshawa campus. Paper copies of the forms are also available in Room SSB206. If you choose to pick up your transcript in person, you will be notified by phone when it is ready. You can also have it mailed to you.

If you owe money or equipment to the college (e.g. library books, outstanding tuition, parking fees, etc.) you must clear your outstanding debt or return the equipment before you will be allowed to register for subsequent semesters or apply to graduate. The college will not produce official documents such as certificates, diplomas, grade reports or transcripts for anyone with outstanding debt and/or equipment.

How do I become a member?

As a graduate of Durham College (DC), you automatically become a lifetime member of the Alumni Association. DC maintains an open-door policy for all graduates, please carry your Alumni ID card as identification when visiting campus.

How do I order a duplicate diploma or certificate?

Please visit the online forms page and locate the Request for duplicate diploma or certificate form.

How do I have my duplicate diploma or certificate sent to me in the mail?

Please visit the online forms page and locate the Request to mail diploma/certificate form.

How do I order a copy of my transcripts?

Please visit the online forms page and locate the Request for transcript form.