Video Recording


Although videos do not always need to be polished, there are several quick and easy things that you can do when recording to improve the overall quality. Here are 4 important things to keep in mind:

  1. LIGHTING – making sure there is enough light on your subject/scene can make a significant difference on image quality. Keep in mind: too much light behind your subject will make their face dark and hard to see, so avoid shooting your subject in front of windows unless you have sufficient front lighting. Try using lamps or other lighting that you already own to brighten up your subject if needed.

  2. AUDIO – audio is often overlooked, but it is a very important part of the video. Using a mic when possible is a great idea. Headphones that come with a mobile device often have a built-in mic, which usually works great.

    No mic? In a controlled environment, using your devices built-in mic should still be all right - just make sure you are in a quiet space and that your device is close to the subject speaking. This option will not work well in a noisy environment.

    Need better audio? If the above options aren’t working well for your videos, you might want to consider purchasing a USB or phone mic (depending on your device).

  3. STEADY SHOTS – a steady camera can result in a more professional looking video and can make the viewing experience more enjoyable. If you don’t have a tripod that you can use, think about steadying your camera by propping it up on a table, shelf or other nearby objects. It is ideal if the camera lens can be placed slightly below eye level.

  4. TEST RECORDING - always do a short test recording to ensure everything looks and sounds all right. This can save you a lot of time and frustration if something isn’t being captured properly.

Don’t have a tripod for your smartphone? Try this: A clean paper cup can make a great tripod for a smartphone by simply cutting a slot (about the width of the phone) in the bottom of it.

Paper cup smartphone tripod


Smartphones, Tablets & iPads

If you own one of these devices, you will be able to easily record your own video. Visit our page to find tips and tricks on how to record using a smartphone, tablet, or an iPad:

Record Your Video Using a Smartphone, Tablet or Ipad

Record Webcam Video On A Computer

Most computers have a built-in webcam that can be used to record a variety of video types. Think about positioning your computer screen so the webcam can record more than just a talking head. For example, it can be used to record a demonstration of how to use a piece of equipment; or record an interview. Sometimes an application will come installed for recording with your webcam, but there are also many other options available depending on your platform. Visit our page to find tips and tricks on how to record using a your webcam:

Record Your Video Using a Webcam

Lightboard Videos

A lightboard is essentially a transparent whiteboard that allows the presenter to maintain eye contact while writing or drawing on it with markers. The unit has lights built-in around the edges that illuminates the written content, making it glow. The presentation is captured with a camera and the orientation of the video is mirrored so it appears correct to the viewer. The CTL has a Lightboard that faculty can use in our studio space. We can help you get set-up so you can capture your own Lightboard videos. Visit this Sway page to learn more about Lightboards:

Learn More About Lightboard Videos

If you have completed your video recordings and are ready to move onto editing, check out the information on our Video Editing page. If you are ready to share your video, visit our page on Video Sharing.