Video Editing – on a Smartphone, Tablet or iPad


Minor edits required?

Most devices come with the capability to trim videos without having to download an additional app. Typically, there will be an “Edit” option on the screen from where you view the video clip, which will allow you to trim the beginning and end. Visit the following links for examples of how to trim videos on Android or iOS. Keep in mind that the steps for this may vary depending on the device and OS.

Did you know minor edits can be done directly in YouTube?

If you’re posting your video to YouTube and require only minor edits, you might want to consider trying YouTube’s Video Editor tool and Enhancements feature.

Additional edits required?

For more than just simple trimming (like combining multiple clips, adding titles, etc.), these free apps might be worth looking at:

Would you rather edit on a computer?

You might decide to capture video using a mobile device and then transfer the videos to a computer for easier editing.

Need a quick and easy way to transfer large video files from your device to your computer?  Try WeTransfer - it is free for files 2GB and under, and no registration is required.

“Help, my editing software won’t import my video file!” With so many applications and video formats available, you might run into a case where your editing application won’t open or import your video file. If this happens to you, an application like HandBrake can usually help to convert it into an acceptable format. It is free and does a great job of converting to and from a wide range of formats.

Keep it Simple There are so many options for devices and software - it can get a bit overwhelming. Keep it simple for starters and see what works best for your scenario. You can always build on the complexity of what you create the next time.

If you don't have a Smartphone, Tablet or iPad available or would rather edit video on your computer or laptop, please visit our Video Editing – on a Computer page.

If you are ready to share your video, visit our page on Video Sharing.