Video Recording – Smartphones, Tablets & iPads

If you own one of these devices, you will be able to easily record your own video.

Before hitting record:

  • Clean your camera lens (often forgotten, but very important)
  • Ensure your device has enough free storage space
  • Check video quality settings Smartphone Camera Settings
    • Typically, the default quality setting will be sufficient, but if you aren’t happy with the quality being captured, try increasing this. Keep in mind that higher quality video takes up more space on your device.
    • Depending on your device, the location of this setting will vary. To learn more, try doing a google search with your device name plus the words “video quality settings” or “video resolution settings”.
  • Turn on Aeroplane Mode/Flight Mode so you’re not interrupted

Switch to video mode on your device:

  • The step you might be forgetting: Once you are in video mode and can see what is going to be captured, you should lock the video settings
    • Tap and hold on your subject (persons face, piece of equipment, etc.). This will lock the focus and exposure. Typically a yellow box will appear around your subject after doing this.
    • Swipe up or down on your video to make it brighter or darker
  • Do a very short test recording to ensure everything looks and sounds all right.
  • Leave time after hitting record before you or your subject starts talking. Do the same before pressing stop - then just trim these parts of the video out. This will give a cleaner beginning and end to your video.

If you don't have a Smartphone, Tablet or iPad available or would rather use the webcam on your computer or laptop to record video, please visit our Recording Device – Webcam Video On A Computer page.

If you have completed your video recordings and are ready to move onto editing, check out the information on our Video Editing page. If you are ready to share your video, visit our page on Video Sharing.