Pathway FAQs

Will universities look at my high school marks?

You must submit both your high school and college marks when applying to university, however, most institutions will base their admission decision on your college marks. Consult with the institution you’re interested in attending if you have concerns about your high school marks factoring into your admission.

I’m thinking about pursuing a degree, where can I go?

In reality, you can transfer to any post-secondary institution. What will differ from one institution to the next is the amount of credit you will receive. You can begin exploring opportunities in Durham College’s Transfer Guide. You may also search the Ontario Postsecondary Transfer Guide (ONTransfer) or check out the profile page for the institutions you’re interested in attending.

If you’re considering an institution outside of Ontario, you should search the institutions website to learn about their transfer policies/procedures.

How do I apply?

If you’re applying to a university within Ontario, you will apply through the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC) as a 105D applicant. 105D means that you are not applying directly from high school. You must submit both your high school and college transcript through OUAC. If you’re planning to attend university immediately following your Durham College studies, you may want to submit your transcript immediately following first semester and then submit a final transcript after you finish your program so that you are not waiting until the end of your program to initiate the transfer process (especially if you’re transferring to an institution where the program is competitive or an agreement is not currently in place).

If you’re applying to a school outside of Ontario, you should consult the institution’s website to learn about their application processes.

What's the deadline to apply?

Consult the institution’s website to determine application deadlines. Remember to apply early and submit your transcripts early so that the institution can begin to evaluate your eligibility for the program.

I don’t meet the minimum grade/GPA requirement for the program I want to get into?

Admission is offered at the discretion of the institution you are looking to transfer to. If you don’t meet the minimum grade requirements, you should contact the school to determine the options that are available. In some cases, this may require upgrading your marks.

I graduated a few years ago, am I still eligible to transfer to a degree?

Each institution sets their own transfer policies and procedures, which includes the age of the credits they will recognize for transfer. Typically, courses in areas where changes happen often will expire sooner than others (such as computer courses). Consult the institution you’re interested in attending to learn more.