Applied Research Capacity Gets a Boost from NSERC Grants!

Chris Gillis, manager, Applied Research Business Development

It has been a productive building year for Applied Research at Durham College! In the winter we received notification that our Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC) Applied Research Tools and Instruments (ARTI) grant applications for not one, but all three grant applications, were successful. Durham College is now the proud recipient of funding for a new rapid prototyper, two growth chambers and a brew line with related lab equipment. 

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Responsible Conduct of Research – More than a concept

Jane Hilton, project manager, Grants & Special Projects

You know what they say about “assumptions” and I’m at fault as I naturally assumed every researcher would conduct their investigations in an ethical and responsible way.  It must have been the morning I was short on caffeine or blinded by the faith. Two examples come to mind that convinced me that everyone has a duty to ensure there is a prevailing culture of research integrity.

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Applied Research Maiden Blog Entry

Chris Gillis, manager, Applied Research Business Development

For those of you who have had to write your first article or blog entry, you know where I am coming from. Its kind of exciting at first and then you sit there and think, “so what do I say, I seemed to have a million good ideas at the time, now I don’t seem to have any!”

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