Early Childhood Education Diploma

This program will prepare you to meet the diverse needs of the early childhood education profession. You will acquire the knowledge and practical skills necessary to foster social, emotional, cognitive and physical development in children from infancy to age 12.The program encompasses all aspects of child care and includes an awareness of children with exceptionalities.

Social Services Worker Diploma

This program will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to make a meaningful contribution in the social service field by helping those struggling to work through challenges enjoy more stable and satisfying lives. You will learn how to integrate social group work and group facilitation skills across a wide range of environments, supporting the growth and development of individuals, families and communities.

Palliative Care Certificate

Palliative care is an approach to care which focuses on comfort and quality of life for those affected by life-threatening illness. Learn how to provide comfort and control pain and other symptoms while supporting emotional, spiritual and cultural needs and maximizing the functional status of your clients.