Time Capsule

Excitement is building as we get closer to the completion of the new Durham College (DC) Centre for Collaborative Education. To commemorate the occasion, a time capsule will be installed in the building’s courtyard.

Employees and students are invited to be a part of DC's history by contributing items to be included in the time capsule. Submissions will be reviewed by members of the Durham College Leadership Team and items identified as most reflective of the years 2017/18 and representative of DC will be chosen for inclusion.

The small time capsule will be sealed for the next 50 years to be opened in 2067, in time for DC’s 100th anniversary.
Submissions will be accepted until Friday, April 20.

Guidelines to follow when considering items for submission:

  • No wood, rubber bands, batteries, staples or paper clips – they will leak acid and ruin the inside of the capsule;
  • No digital items – we don’t know what technology will be in use 50 years from now; and
  • Items need to be small enough to fit in the capsule (should be smaller than 20"x10"x10").

Ideas for items that can be included:

  • Newspapers, magazines, photos, clothing;
  • A master key that opens every door of DC’s buildings;
  • List of popular expressions heard on campus; and
  • Photo book of campus buildings, sculptures, gardens, employees and students.

For general questions or inquiries please contact Pamela Dunn.

Debby Allbon
Durham College 50th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine


This magazine encompasses all that DC has been for the last 50 years and shines a light on the path ahead. It is it filled with stories about DC students, employees, alumni and retirees and highlights DCs connection to the community, through messages from various leaders and organizations. This mirrors one of the key intentions behind the creation of the CFCE which will bring together local, Indigenous and global communities, providing a new home for several of the college’s innovative programs

Melanie Vincent
Convocation confetti photo


I think it encompasses everything the college is about. Celebrating student success.

Brian Legree
Chronice front page from March 14-20, 2017


This issue of the newspaper celebrates the first 50 years of Durham College and the CFCE will build on that legacy.
The front page headline reads '50 reasons Durham is amazing'. It points to a student-produced list of what makes Durham College an excellent institution. The article was produced in conjunction with the school's 50th anniversary celebrations.

Scott Dennis
Rugby Jersey


2017 was the first year of women's rugby sevens at Durham College and it would be interesting to see the changes in uniform over the next 50 years.

Scott Dennis
OCAA Gold Medals - Women's Softball and Men's Soccer


Durham College had two varsity teams win Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) championships this past fall (soccer and softball) and the gold medal is what every team strives for when representing your school.

Sue Hawkins
SCWI Pathways brochure


The brochure provides information about the SCWI dual credit program. The Centre for Success program will take up residence on the third floor of the new building. It will be interesting to look back 50 years later to see what kinds of supports were available for high school students, what kinds of college courses were offered & how the pathways to post-secondary and apprenticeship have changed.

Rona Jualla van Oudenhoven


It depicts the era of change that we are in and it places Durham College on the right side of Canadian and World history re: its stance on diversity, equity and inclusion. Durham College is committed to creating a safe and inclusive campus for all, students and staff alike. The article and the art represent student voices on diversity.

Nadine Lamarche
Sport Management Journal


We would have the students in Sport Management write their favourite sporting moment in a branded Sport Management Journal (which we have already), and sign their names to it. In 50 years, those that open it can reflect on what was happening in today's sport world, who the popular athletes/sports were, and perhaps if any of our sport students went on to become famous athletes themselves! The journal is 5x7 hard cover, leatherette.