DNA Techniques

DNA Techniques is a one-semester course with four scheduled hours of laboratory exercises and one scheduled hour of lecture per week. This course is designed to train students to work independently and safely in the biotechnology laboratory by teaching comprehensive research techniques, methods for documentation and data analysis, and good laboratory practices. Students will learn and practice DNA techniques including agarose gel electrophoresis and gel annotation; DNA purification from bacteria and agarose gels; DNA quantification by UV spectroscopy; restriction digests and DNA ligation; preparation of competent cells, bacterial transformation, and recombinant and transformant selection using selective media; PCR primer design and DNA fingerprinting; Southern blotting and hybridization; and mapping. The students will be taught to use bioinformatics tools and resources that can assist them with their work and the interpretation of their results, including NCBI databases and on-line modelling of restriction digests.