Engineering Design Project

This course exposes students to the entire design process by providing them with an opportunity to design and manufacture their own, unique and functional, pneumatic piston engine. In doing so, they will need to understand and incorporate the specifications, manufacturing limitations and time constraints imposed on them while simultaneously designing, calculating, modeling, detailing, sourcing, manufacturing, assembling, testing, analysing, documenting and presenting their final design. In doing so, students will work in the multiple roles of lead design engineer, draftsman, material acquisitoner, assembly technician, test engineer, cost estimator and project engineer in order to give them a wholistic view of the design process. Students will manufacture their own engine parts using a variety of conventional machines (lathes, mills, etc.) as well as have the opportunity to use a rapid prototyping machine to quickly itterate the design of a select number of their components. In addition, since the functionality of their engine is greatly dependant upon the quality of the parts they create, their detail drawings must be generated with a firm understanding of design standards, materials, fits, surface finishes, GD&T and drafting techniques in order to be successful.