Electronic Circuits III

Electronic Circuits III is a continuation of Electronic Circuits II. The Field Effect Transistor (FET) and the MOSFET's (Metal Oxide Field Effect Transistor) will be introduced; new parameters will be determined and different FET and MOSFET biasing circuits such as self-bias, gate bias and voltage divider bias will be studied. Hence, different amplifier configurations such as Common Source (CS), Common Drain (CD), and Common Gate (CG), will be presented. Opto-electronic devices including photo cell, photo resistor, photo diode, photo transistor and opto-couplers will be studied. Thyristors (switching devices) such as SCR, SUS, DIAC, TRIAC, and UJT will also be covered and various sensors will be discussed, used and if necessary, signal conditioning will be applied to them in order to carry the electrical signal generated into a microcontroller board such as the Raspberry Pi and/or Arduino. Theoretical knowledge is integrated with lab exercises. Circuits are assembled and tested to observe whether they comply with theoretical expectations. This course is configured as 2-hours of lecture and a 2-hour lab per week. Electronic Circuit III uses the circuit simulation software Proteus, the graphical programming development application LabVIEW and the Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi boards for some lab applications.