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Clinical & Professional Practice I

This course introduces students to the roles and scopes of practice of Communicative Disorders Assistants (CDAs), Speech-language Pathologists (S-LPs) and Audiologists, their affiliated organizations, regulatory bodies and related publications. Principles of communication therapy and programming are also covered extensively. The use of supportive personnel in the area of communication disorders is emphasized. Topics include methodologies to manage communication disorders, observation techniques for speech and language behaviours, record keeping and data collection during therapy, lesson planning, and report-writing. Students also learn about the models of service delivery for communication disorders, learning theory, behavioural therapyfor special populations, principles of therapeutic intervention, and the use of assistive technology. Preparation for field placement is also covered in this course. This course may also include an observation component where students have the opportunity to observe Speech-language Pathologists, Audiologists and/or Communicative Disorders Assisants in the community.