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Principles Of Human Resource MGMT (HURM)

This course introduces students to the management aspects of Human Resources in preparation for advanced, specialized studies in the Graduate Certificate program. Specific focus is on the factors that affect the overall atmosphere in the workplace and that which contributes to an environment conducive to maximum productivity. Students will be introduced to effective strategies for hiring, motivating, managing, training, and retaining staff. Students will study the following topics: the strategic importance of Human Resources and the role of the HR Manager; competitive challenges facing Human Resources; job analysis and design; Human Resources planning; recruitment and selection; orientation and training; employee relations; performance management; compensation; employee benefits and services; labour relations; health and safety; equity and diversity; and international human resources management. Significant emphasis will be placed on the team approach to creative problem-solving techniques and their application to selected case studies and a project that replicates actual on-the-job activities. Students who receive and average grade of 70% in these courses and maintain a minimum grade of 65% in each course meet the coursework requirements to write the Comprehensive Knowledge Exams – a significant step towards becoming a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP). Please visit for full details. Campus Closure In the event of a campus closure during which time classes cannot be conducted or attended in person, course delivery will be conducted online where possible. Should teaching and learning resume on campus, students may be organized into smaller groups for classroom delivery, in accordance with directions from public health authorities. In either situation, the learning plan sequence and/or evaluation methods may be adjusted to address topics requiring hands-on, practical learning activities.