So, your child has enrolled, been accepted and paid their fees to go to Durham College (DC) for the next semester. There are a lot of things to consider when looking for off-campus housing for your new post-secondary student.

What students should know when looking for a place to rent

Check out our section specifically for DC students looking for off-campus housing.

Talk to current or past tenants about the landlord.

Before signing, make sure you have the lease looked over by a few different people.

View lots of properties before deciding on the one that’s right for you.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor in a rental agreement is a person who signs their name on the contract and agrees to pay if the tenant is unable to pay the rent. Specific clauses of the lease may vary the responsibilities of the guarantor. Typically, after a landlord contacts a tenant for payment, he or she will initiate a specific time frame for payment from the guarantor.


Parents are often a student’s first point of contact regarding any roommate relationship issues. Make sure to be mindful of your student’s stress, and that your thoughtful guidance can equip the student to navigate one of the most interesting dynamics of post-secondary education. Sometimes a Roommate Agreement can be written up (casually) and signed by all the people living under the lease, it’s a proactive way to handle problem areas (cleaning duties, purchasing of supplies).

If your student is unhappy with their roommate remind them that they are not required to be best friends with the people they live with but there should be a relationship that is based on mutual respect and consideration.

Important Tips

  • Make sure your student gets everything in writing
  • Make sure your student gets tenants insurance
  • Ask if the landlord has insurance
  • Inspect the property with your student (if possible)

Knowing the rights of tenants

Parents of international students

DC welcomes international students and our International office can help your student and you feel comfortable and find a place for your student to live that you’ll both be happy with.

DCInternational office

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