6 exciting careers in justice and emergency services to consider

Helping and protecting others is not just a job for paramedics, police officers and firefighters. A variety of career paths exist within the field of justice and emergency services that may not be an obvious choice when choosing a career.

Thinking of pursuing post-secondary studies that will help you make a difference, but not sure what path is right for you? Check out six of these unique career paths below.

  • Court Support Services

    Do you think the idea of working in a court room and playing a critical role in the administration of justice is exciting? Working as a court clerk, registrar, reporter or officer might be the career path for you. Court support services staff carry a lot of responsibility and are critical to our legal system, whether they work in criminal, civil, youth, family or provincial offences court.

    Durham College’s (DC) Court Support Services program prepares those looking to work in this fast-paced field, providing training in evidence recording, Canadian law and communications.

    Who is this program best for?

    Individuals who are interested in developing oral and written communication skills; motivated by responsibility, punctual, mature and conscientious with the ability to work independently with little supervision and as part of a team.

  • Fire and Life Safety Systems Technician

    Do you enjoy technical projects and want to help save lives? Fire and life safety systems technicians are the brains behind fire detection and suppression systems like sprinklers and alarms. Those working in this specialized field have developed in-depth knowledge about building codes and construction, fire alarm design and fire dynamics.

    DC’s Fire and Life Safety Systems Technician program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the design and technical methodologies for various fire and life safety systems and a strong understanding of life safety planning, with an optional co-op and field placement to learn on-the-job skills. Graduates of this program have gone on to become alarm systems technicians, fire inspectors and fire prevention officers, just to name a few.

    Who is this program best for?

    Individuals who enjoy challenging projects and have an interest in fire prevention, technical methodologies and construction.

  • Office Administration – Legal

    A fast-paced, exciting and challenging job in the heart of legal services, legal administrative assistants do all sorts of administrative tasks that support lawyers and paralegals, including client relations, drafting documents, managing schedules and even conducting research.

    DC’s Office Administration – Legal program trains students in how to deliver professional administrative support to any legal team, with emphasis placed on the practical demands of the job, including confidentiality, professional ethics, meeting deadlines and interpersonal relations.

    Who is this program best for?

    Individuals who are interested in gaining advanced skills in word processing, technology, and communications.

  • Mediation – Alternative Dispute Resolution (graduate certificate)

    Conflict is normal and sometimes challenging, but no matter how big or small the dispute, businesses, communities, and families rely on alternative dispute resolution strategies to settle issues long before they hit the courtroom. If you’re a problem solver who can keep a cool head in a tense situation, becoming a mediator is a great career option for you.

    DC’s Mediation – Alternative Dispute Resolution graduate certificate provides university or college graduates, human resources professionals, educators or health-care or legal professionals wishing to gain additional conflict resolution skills with the tools and knowledge to deal effectively with conflict in various settings.

    Who is this program best for?

    This program is designed for those with previous relevant post-secondary education who want to expand their skill set and career options.

  • Victimology (graduate certificate)

    When a victim comes forward to provide the information necessary to convict a criminal, they need support from someone who can advocate for them and help them access the services they need to rebuild their lives and regain their confidence. Social workers, victim services advocates and victim witness assistance workers are the ones who can provide that support.

    In just eight months, DC’s Victimology graduate certificate program provides individuals with related experience and education with the specialized knowledge and skills in victimology required to provide a variety of services to victims and their families.

    Who is this program best for?

    This program is designed for those with previous relevant post-secondary education who enjoy working closely with clients and are passionate about people.

  • Youth Justice and Interventions

    The majority of youth will develop naturally into law-abiding citizens. For some, however, behavioural concerns may arise, which can continue into adulthood and result in youth committing or repeating criminal offences. An understanding of these issues, as well as prevention and intervention strategies, can assist in reshaping this behaviour. Determined, passionate and patient, youth justice and interventions workers combine their education and experience to make a positive impact on the lives of today’s youth.

    DC’s Youth, Justice and Interventions graduate certificate program gives students a balanced view of justice and treatment philosophies, and focuses on youth and intervention programs in our community.  Graduates have gone on to work in various settings in case management, counselling, crisis intervention and more.

    Who is this program best for?

    This program is designed for those with previous relevant post-secondary education and individuals who enjoy making a difference in the lives of today’s youth.

Did one of these career paths pique your interest? There’s never been a better time to enhance your skills, expand your knowledge and apply to post-secondary education. Launch your career at DC today in the School of Justice & Emergency Services – spaces may be available to start classes this September.

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