Do we have a human rights policy on campus? Where can I find this policy?

Durham College website in the ‘About us’ and ‘Governance’ section (Under the policies tab).

Do we have prayer space at the Oshawa campus?

There are two prayer locations:

  • Gordon Willey building, Room C123 (multi-faith prayer room)
  • U5 Portable, Room U5-67 (Muslim prayer room) with a washing area in Room U5-64

What are some of the diversity focused activities and events on campus?

The Office of Student Diversity, Inclusion and Transitions actively seeks out participation and engagement in events on campus that are expressions of our diverse student population. Some of these events include, but are not limited to:

  • Black History Month events;
  • Faith Mosaic;
  • International Women’s Day events;
  • Pangaea cultural event;
  • International Mother Language Festival (MLF)
  • Pride events;
  • Ramadan Dinner (Muslim); and
  • Violence against Women Awareness.
  • Diversity Discourse Seminars

What are the services offered by the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion?

  • Advocacy and advisory support;
  • Diversity events and activities ;
  • Harassment and discrimination investigations;
  • Information and referral services;
  • Mediation;
  • Resources; and
  • Training and education
  • First Generation (FG) student services – advise on FG funding, FG Alumni, and FG services.

Where do I make a harassment/discrimination complaint?

Informal complaint

Information complaints are usually managed through discussion or mediation with the diversity officer.

Formal complaint

Formal complaints require a written complaint by the student and will result in a higher level of investigation.

Recommendation: if you are questioning harassment or discrimination contact the diversity officer.

Information on the college’s policy and procedure relating to sexual violence can be accessed below:

Where is the human rights or Office of Student Diversity, Inclusion and Transitions located?

Office of Student Diversity, Inclusion and Transitions
Centre for Collaborative Education, CFCE Room 131
Hours of operation: phone call, drop in or by appointment
T: 905.721.2000 ext. 2855
E: diversity@durhamcollege.ca