Strategies for success


Start off organized.

Review the orientation webpages to familiarize yourself with college services. Use your student handbook to record all your test, exam and assignment due dates to help you get organized at the beginning of the semester.


Understand your learning style.

Visit Student Academic Learning Services (SALS) to discover how to make your learning style work for you.


Plan ahead, set goals and connect with a Wellness coach.

A wellness coach can work with you to develop a success plan to help you achieve your goals and connect you with the services and information you may need. Contact them to get started.


Talk to your professors.

Professors are open to answering questions and assisting you during their office hours. This is a great opportunity to ask clarifying questions and discuss academic performance.


Develop your academic skills.

Your academic success is important to DC. Participate in the Success Workshops at SALS for support:

  • Academic reading and writing skills
  • Listening and note-taking skills
  • Study skills
  • Test and exam preparation
  • Time management skills


Get involved in campus life.

Make the most of your student experience by getting involved in campus activities and engaging in our vibrant student community. Join one of more than 60 student-run clubs, participate in intramural sports and/or take part in one of the many other opportunities available.


Go to class fully prepared.

It is very important to go to class and participate. Prepare for classes by reading your textbook, reviewing PowerPoint presentations posted on your course pages, and make notes on questions you need to ask your professor.