Residence Support

Living in Residence can be exciting. There are activities, new friendships, a bright future and an entire team to support you along the way. You are making your way forward academically, socially, physically and mentally. Growth is exciting but can also be demanding, challenging and at times, isolating. That’s why the Residence Outreach program is in place. It is a place to connect, learn and grow. We are profoundly social creatures. At the root of all of our desires is a need to be understood and to belong. A sense of social connection is one of our fundamental human needs and it impacts our mental health, physical health, and longevity.

Residence Outreach program

The Residence Outreach program allows you an opportunity to join wellness focused activities, meet one on one to discuss challenges and develop goals to meet your unique needs. Your Residence Outreach Services (one to one appointments) and Programming are located in-house for your convenience. These services are a part of the broader Campus Health and Wellness team. Facilitating connections, exploring needs and challenges with a focus on solutions are what you can expect when accessing the services. You can expect to receive services delivered by registered health professionals, with a focus on overall health and wellbeing. Services are offered to Durham College and Ontario Tech University students living on the on-campus residence buildings.

Some aspects of the service include:

  • Provide one to one appointments to gather information on students' issues and needs in order to provide ongoing support;
  • Organizing outreach programs for residence community members who want to create, explore and grow;
  • Provide direct services and support for students navigating campus services, refer and connect students needing additional assistance;
  • Support and guide students toward development of life management skills
  • Collect data to evaluate the success of support programs and identify innovations for new programming through student feedback;
  • Provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space where students can unload their difficulties and work towards resolution;
  • Provide education surrounding mental health, treatments and outcomes;
  • Respond to crisis and provide support to those impacted, there is no issue too big or too small!

Students might want to talk with Residence Outreach about:

  • prioritizing balance and wellness in their lives
  • self-development and personal growth, exploring barriers and challenges
  • connecting to other residents, students and clubs
  • making life, academic, career or relationship changes or decisions
  • identifying strengths, values, and limiting beliefs
  • finding solutions that feel realistic and achievable
  • exploring interpersonal relationships struggles or room mate conflicts
  • stress management and coping strategies

Like most other Campus Health and Wellness Services (CHWC), Residence Outreach is a free service to access:

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